Ginger Piglet

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Ginger Piglet is reading submissions for its fourth print issue: Chi Town. We will read from April 1 to June 30. We will not read after this point, so put this date on your calendars.

We want your most lively, vivid, voicy shit. We want your true stories. Your lyric essays. Your creative nonfictions. Your true poems. Your real lives. We also want your 50 word bios. We really do. It's no trick. Put them in the cover letter.

This issue is dedicated to Chicago and Chicago writers. To be published in this issue you must live in or be connected to Chicago in some way and your bio should reflect that connection. Your piece should or should NOT mention, be about or set in Chicago. We DO NOT want you to write a cheesy piece about Chicago just because we've dedicated the issue to Chicago. This will not get you published. Good writing gets you published. BUT if you happen to have a piece that mentions or is about Chicago in some way that also fits our other guidelines, SUBMIT IT. If you have a great piece that does not fit our guidelines exactly, submit that too. 

We cannot be more adamant about this: we encourage submissions from women, people of color and the queer community. 


  • Reading period: April 1 to June 30.
  • Send us your best previously unpublished, true and brief: flash, miniature, sentence, essay, prose poem, poem, comic, letter, list (Christmas, grocery and otherwise) or combination thereof. This work can be humorous or serious; love or hate; connected or disconnected; political or not; dark or light (um, like meat or toast). This work must have voice.
  • Please simultaneously submit. Let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • We would like to bring you fame and notoriety, but we can't. Make us a 50 word or less bio of the most important and interesting words that also includes a link to your tweeter/blog/website and we will share it with our readers. Unless you don't do that. If you don't do that, we suggest you start, immediately.
  • We would love to pay you for your work, but all we can offer right is a digital edition of your issue of GP and a print issue at cost + shipping. We're sorry about this. You deserve more. 

Follow our guideliness, or we will give you a thousand paper cuts. 

Ginger Piglet

PS. We are looking for a Chicago photographer, collagist, multi-media, or other type of artist with work that transfers well onto the page. We want this persont to show us Chicago through their eyes. We want this person to be a part of the whole. If you are someone, or you know someone, spread the word.

Ginger Piglet